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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Palestinian Shares What It's Like...

Most people here are living on their nerves. It is not safe.

We live three kilometres from the northern Israeli border and we can see or hear the Israeli tanks all the time.

Why is one Israeli worth more than thousands of Palestinians in Israeli jails? These people are fighting for their rights. This soldier came from France to fight Palestinians in Gaza.

Support for Hamas is shrinking. People now understand that all this pressure is just because of Hamas.

I am married with five children and I have received just $300 salary in the last five months. The shops have stopped giving me credit.

Palestinians are like one family. Those who have give to those who don't. But we cannot do this forever.

At night we feel like we are in a jungle because of the darkness, because of the noise. There is no electricity so we cannot have the fan on.


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