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Monday, July 03, 2006

Careful Resolve Attempts to Take Foot Amidst Angry Giants

A military leader who is aware of his emotional responses, but can control them in favor of reasoning his way through stategical choices to outwit the enemy transmits the same as an example to his countrymen and soldiers.

By making revenge and the need to punish a declaration of war, it risks alienation from allies, because of war could turn into genocide, mass killings and slaughter, or other manifestations of overzealous warfare.

The vision for what one wishes to accomplish through the tactic of battle must be very clear. Goals can easily be lost to rage. The mission should be noble, like the rescue of a fellow countryman from hostile forces. This mission is lost in an escalation of warfare where the goal becomes unclear.

Israel has a strong position in the demand that the Israeli captive be released and returned safely. I also believe that in exchange for the Israeli, Israel needs to release the captured Palestinians. Israel's declaration that all conflict will cease upon the return of the Israeli speaks of strength, and in the satisfaction in the accomplishment of their demand. To be fair, Palestine should be paying reparations to Israel for the loss of their people who were kidnapped and subsequently killed. The money should go to the families left behind. For Israel's part, they should pay reparations to the families of the dead, where such exist and they are responsible, following the prior treaty granting Palestine autonomy.

In my belief, there is a lack of accountability in the Middle East. There culture boasts contributions to education, religion and so forth, making the region one of the world's civilized society. Yet, they are rife with blood feuds and conflicts extending backwards in time for sometimes many generations. It is culturally significant that where a person is murdered, and the offending party and there family do not compensate the deceased's family financially for their grave loss, then there is no law and there is no honor. The society exists only on its face a profession of honor and nobility. Underneath, wronged members of that society are forced to make there own rights, and mafia like conditions take place.

Politicians have a very important role to play, including in the example that they provide for their people, the laws they keep, even as they expect their people to keep the laws, and also in setting the tone and mood for their country. If a leader becomes murderous, his people are likely to be caught up in the same emotional response, because of a leader's decision making capacity, and his example. Nation states experience events together, with their own perspective generated by their view of the world acting on them in unique ways significant to their culture. Where a leader is cool, calm, collected and both aware of his emotions but balanced with experience of the need to reason through decision making, he also sets an example and a tone. Military crisis are difficult, but the choice to keep thinking your way through provides determination, spirit and the endurance necessary to see the battle to its end. There is no time to waste during war, just as there is no life that is not valuable. Time=Life.

Palestine continues to declare that Israel is only making t worse for itself by attacking Israel, because Israel is endangering the life of the captive they wish to save. However, Palestine is primarily responsible for the endangerment of the Israeli captive by holding him hostage to begin with. Their effort to influence the International community or neighboring sympathizers suggests that they are aware of their own weakness, and are hoping for outside aid so that they do not have to consider a defeat. However, Israel has determinedly stated that they will cease all warfare activity upon the release of the Israeli soldier. It is right and just that a country take the kidnapping and hostage situation of their people very seriously. Palestine has a collective decision to make: they may determine that they wish to discontinue their capture and release the Israeli individual, or they may choose to be forced to do so. They grant themselves more latitude by making the first choice in the latter.


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