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Monday, July 03, 2006

Israel is faced with a very stiff proposition...if militants end the life of the Israeli captive without the exchange of captives, then there is the suggestion that they will capture another Israeli...and another, until they are complied with. Of course, the captors must accept that the risk of life and limb is imperiled as well when they up-the-ante in this way. It is odd that even as they assay their opposition, they would rely on the goodwill of their opponent to keep arrested Palestinians safe. Such tactics revolve on the head-of-a-pin, logically speaking, being prone to breakdown, poor juidgement, and the worst-case scenario for the plotters. In the meantime, I believe failure in these negotiations should be the last option. There is always another choice to make in order to be working for resolution, even if the tasks seem monumental or a long-shot. Certainly I am aware that the Palestinian captors are attempting to force Israel to run through all its options as quickly as possible so that they may arrive at only one option - the one they want. However, this really does highlight one of Palestine's long standing problems - a lack of experience and judgement in its nation state affairs. Palestine has already admitted defeat if it chooses to end its capture of the Israeli by ending his life. They will have failed to achieve their goals because of a lack of judgement, assessment of the situation, admit they have failed, and attempt to make up for it in death. In short, they will have failed to see their options.


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