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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pin-Point Operation

Israel has shown that it understands Palestine's weak points. Their intelligence must be strong in order to know just which buildings to pin-point. The fact that they have proceeded on this front, and focused their efforts on areas specific to military strategy is important, even as they locate tunnels and routes into Israel that make them vulnerable. They do this even as Palestine is indicating that they are facing a humanitarian crisis. Certainly, I believe this is probably the case, since warfare is costly on the people, especially when their provisions and other necessities were already running low. However, Israel's effort to determine the Palestinian's compliance in seeking the return of the Israeli captive is a natural consequence of Palestinian decisions as an autonomous people. If Palestine understands its weakness, then it must also understand its need to be act in its own self-determination towards making leadership decisions that establish its position, but also act on behalf of its ability to honor codes-of-conduct.


  • At 10:58 PM, Blogger girlsforscience said…

    The last thing Israel needs is to be stuck in Palestine - it needs to get the job done, and then disengage.


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