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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Israel vs. Hamas Conflict

??Possible Options:

The United Nations extends an invitation to both the leading Representative of Israel and the leading Representative of Palestine. The invitation is conditional. Both sides agree a 'stay of arms' while their respective Representatives are seated with the entire U.N. body, where they lay down their expectations.

The International community states to the Representative of Palestine that failure to release the Israeli and the taking of hostages and kidnapping/deaths is offensive and an open act of hostility for which Israel could reasonably demand an end to, as well as for the release of the captive.

Such a setting and invitation would have to be extended with critical timing.

For Israel, the seizure of Palestinian government, with the subsequent demand of release for their citizen is a no-brainer.

Palestine continues to declare that Israel is only making t worse for itself by attacking Israel, because Israel is endangering the life of the captive they wish to save. However, Palestine is primarily responsible for the endangerment of the Israeli captive by holding him hostage to begin with. Their effort to influence the International community or neighboring sympathizers suggests that they are aware of their own weakness, and are hoping for outside aid so that they do not have to consider a defeat. However, Israel has determinedly stated that they will cease all warfare activity upon the release of the Israeli soldier. It is right and just that a country take the kidnapping and hostage situation of their people very seriously. Palestine has a collective decision to make: they may determine that they wish to discontinue their capture and release the Israeli individual, or they may choose to be forced to do so. They grant themselves more latitude by making the first choice in the latter.


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