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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Egyptian Negotiators Vague

The Egyptian negotiators between Israel and Palestine failed to gain Palestine's consent in an attempt to test the waters for a stand down of the conflict over an Israeli soldier held captive that has escalated into battle. Egyptian mediators were attempting to negotiate the return of the Israeli soldier from Palestine in exchange for captured Palestinians, with the verbal agreement from Israel that they would promise an easing of force.

However, the Palestinians will and have refused on the basis that with the exchange, their must be an immediate and full stand-down and pull-out of Israel in accordance with their achievment of the release of the hostage Israeli.

To maintain face and honor, the Israeli PM must concisely and determinedly restate that Israel requires the release of the captive man, his safe return, and that the military actions to do so will cease immediately once this results. It is also fair that Palestine see the release of captured Palestinians that Israel has secured since it took military action, indicating its total committment and clear intention to end military action following Palestine's return of the Israeli.

Israel and Palestine may both still believe the potential exists for them to totally defeat the other. This would drag out warfare for the duration. Israel and Palestine, as openly hostile entities towards each other, can only prove their worth as leaders in their ability to make clear their purpose, not by engaging in bloodshed for the sake of bloodshed. The purpose is freedom, of people on both sides, in this instance, for which the leaders will show their prowess in the securement of as they face off with each other.


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