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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Current Assessment

While some news agencies are still reporting that the Group holding the Israeli captive made statements implying they would kill the man if demands were not met by the deadline, other news agencies are reporting on the new situation at hand. As the deadline came and went, the group involved stated the hostage would not be killed, because Islamic law prevented such a thing. Therefore, the implication is now thought to be directed more towards the Israel PM and the state of Israel.

Even as militants said their would be no more discussion on freeing the Israeli soldier, this seemed to complement Israel's position, likewise, that there would be no discussion on freeing Palestinian prisoners, several hundred of which include children.

Furthermore, Palestine has indicated it's willingness to capture and hold hostage more Israelies. At the moment, both sides appear to have the other in some form of 'check'.

Meanwhile, Palestinians are demanding that Israel come to the negotiating table and work things out. They say that the time for an end to the conflict that has lasted over many decades now is overdue. Israel continues to take a hard line approach with the uncertainty of a resolution in question. Privately, however, Israel is making some internal indications that its primary focus is the safety, welfare and return of the captive Israeli, and that this plays a pivotal role in the conflict. It is forseeable that the negotiation of terms over this issue are going to be very important.

Both sides are coming under pressure from the International community, in different ways. Hamas is being held responsible for the safe return of the Israeli captive, with the acknowledgment that his capture was key to the formation of the present conflict. Israel has been encouraged from the onset to practice restraint and to continue to do so. Other observers are critical of the humanitarian issues currently present in Palestine that will have to be dealt with, and cannot be until the conflict is resolved through the withdrawel of both sides and a resolution of terms.

Palestine, at this point, appears to be attempting to force Israel to the negotiating table through courtroom proceedings, where Palestine would be granted an opportunity to present its case in an international forum for its greivances against Israel, and thereby be granted an ear not only by the international community, but also Israel itself as an attendant at the proceedings.


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