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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

On the Palestinian side, meanwhile, lawmakers endorsed a call for Israel to release Palestinian prisoners in return for Shalit, including 26 Hamas lawmakers and several Cabinet members rounded up last week. The militants believed to be holding Shalit first demanded that Israel free women and minors, who account for several hundred of the 8,500 Palestinians in Israeli jails. The groups later amended their demand, calling on Israel to release 1,000 prisoners in exchange for Shalit, who is thought to be held captive in the southern Gaza Strip.

Palestine -

*Release women, and especially minors, being held in prison. Israel's prisons are holding children and women by several hundreds.
*Release Palestinian cabinet members and politicians, necessary to the function and leadership of the State of Palestine.
*Release politican prisoners, determined to number 1,000.
*Withdraw completely from Palestine with the return of the captured Israeli, and allow subsequent humanitarian aid to commence.
*Immediately restore water to Palestine areas, essential to life and for the aid of the injured.

Israel -
* Return the captured Israeli
* Withdraw any Palestinians from Israeli territory and cease military activities
* Do not cross into Israeli territory without permission


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