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Friday, August 11, 2006

Hezbollah Develops Legitimacy Politically Among the People

Hezbollah continued resistance and first aid to civilians and others in the face of Israeli attacks has earned it respect by many. Its unexpected ability to resist through guerilla style tactics has also been a surprise.

Indicators are that by the time Israel responds to Hezbollah attacks, militia have already moved on. They appear to be able to work with very little when necessary, and because they move light and use guerilla tactics, they are able to make quicker, improvised decisions and respond faster.

The Israeli military continues to upgrade the war, attempting to use more and more weaponry and manpower. As they do so, they require more order, more organization and more equipment that has an effect of bogging them down in combat with a guerilla force. The Israeli military relies on organization and coordination. A guerilla force can move much quicker and subvert this necessary element of a traditional army. One member of a guerilla force, if trained and knowledgeable, may be able to accomplish far more than a soldier waiting for orders, or a soldier who must keep in mind how he must coordinate with others. Israel, however, must have a well organized force by necessity. Hezbollah can afford to be much more free-form, and its members much more independent minded, with great success. Furthermore, they have the ideals of freedom from oppression and the freedom fighter's pride to bolster their efforts.

It is important to realize that guerilla fighting has been around always, and the method of people supported groups that are disenfranchised and have decided to fight back. Guerilla armies take time to develop, and are slow to develop, but eventually learn the tactics of their enemy and become very effective in subverting them. Oragnized armies are the result of government officials, and the organizational efforts of government officials. These two types of armed forces are very different, and government based armies have some difficulty in taking on the auspices of guerilla style warfare because of this creates soldiers who think independently. Soldiers in government based armies are intended to follow orders for the greater good. Guerilla fighters, on the other hand, rely on the ability to think and act independently.


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