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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Death & Passion at the Frontlines

Hezbollah cease fire is rejected by Israelis...

Israel prepares for major invasion...
Israel in Race to Complete Task...
Israel Hurries to Complete Task Before EU Ceasefire...

Devotion & discipline fuel Hezbollah's fight...

Stemch of death hangs over south Lebanon villages...
""Four bodies inside this house", reads the notice scrawled with charcoal on the remains of a house in the southern Lebanese village of Aynata."

In the neighbouring town of Bint Jbeil, the stench of death rises from the ruins of the once-bustling market street.

One village along in Aitaroun, tearful residents clutch white sheets and what belongings they can salvage, begging journalists and rescue workers alike for a ride out of "hell".

"We have been living in hell and fear for 21 days, without power or water and we felt real hunger. We even ate stale and mouldy bread to keep going," sobbed Zeinab Baalbaki, who said a number of her relatives have been killed in Israeli air raids.

"The children felt the worst pain because we could not find milk. Is it their fault, these people who had their homes brought down on their heads?"

Says one Hezbollah fighter, ``I'm not crying for the fighters. The fighters can handle it. I'm crying for the ordinary people." One day, he said, he gave his only food, a can of tuna, to a dog so hungry that its tongue was hanging contorted from its mouth. ``If I showed mercy on the dog, maybe God would show mercy on me," he said.

Hezbollah fighters state that only experienced fighters are allowed into front-line combat. Men eat what they can find where they find it, even if it means a plant growing on the side of the road. In the same way, they take advantage of whatever weapons they can, where they find them and "use the kitchen sink if we have to." They know they are experiencing deaths, but do not know the total death toll on their side. It would not matter if they did, they say. "We are unafraid of death. We are tired of living life humiliated, and are ready to die now, if we must."


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