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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Forces Abate Momentarily....

"The Israeli suspension of offensive air strikes and general Hizbollah restraint about firing Katyushas has held up now for more than 24 hours, but according to Israel, from the prime minister and defense minister, through the MKs and down to the northerners peeking out of their shelters, are all saying the campaign is not over -- and won't be over until Hizbollah is at least out of sight of the border with Israel, if not out of south Lebanon entirely."

--> Its not over, but its the right idea...a "cease fire" without saying its a cease fire...the idea is not an end, but a period to allow women and children an avenue of escape that keeps them from taking a bullet or a shelling. Soldiers do not shoot through women and children to hit their enemy. They find a way to face their enemy without such a scenario.


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